Why School Tea Towels

Top 10 Reasons to Do Tea Towels this Year


1. Everyone included.
You can involve the whole school on the same design.

2. They are simple to do.

If you choose us to print your tea towels we provide you with everything you need to get going, and continue to provide support throughout the project.


3. Low Cost High profit.

If your school ordered 200 Tea Towels and sold them each for £3.50 each your school would raise in excess of £500!


4. Great gift at Christmas.

Parents have been know to order a few tea towels to send to Grand Parents, Aunts & Uncles.

5. Nice keep sake.

No doubt your Mum will still have one tucked away in a draw somewhere. They are a great reminder in years to come of childhood years at school.

6. Unlimited design options.

You can use children's portraits, a school theme and even include your school badge.

7. Low cost to parents.

With other fundraisers costs can grow quite high, which can make it harder for larger families to buy lots of different products. The good thing about tea towels is that you are in control of the price, you can add as little or as much as you like to the price. You can even come up with offers. 1 tea towel for £3.50 2 for £6, or £6 buy one get 1 FREE.

8. Manufactured in the UK.

Although the cotton is not grown in the UK, the rest of the manufacturing process of our tea towels takes place here.

9. FSC.

All of the paper used to construct our kits and drawing paper is printed on FSC paper using non solvent vegetable based inks.


10. Its Fun!

Kids love drawing and its great to see the whole school involved in a product that can potentially last a life time.